Themis Fund

    Themis Fund Management is an independent investment manager established and owned by its employees. We conduct discretionary portfolio management and associated services pursuant to the Securities Trading Act. Themis Fund is a fundamentally-driven asset manager, and our active management is based on expertise and methodological analysis of markets, sectors and companies. Our managers have delivered very good historical returns in all asset classes that we manage and have extensive experience from stock and fixed income markets.

    Long relationships with both customers and employees support Themis Fund’s ambition of building a stable and successful asset management business. Themis Fund aims to become one of the leading asset managers for both institutions and wealthy individuals.


    We advise and manage assets on behalf of institutional clients as investment companies, family offices, pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, municipalities, banks as well as other institutions that prefer to use an independent asset manager.

    Our portfolio teams and client relationship managers have long-standing experience and knowledge in managing assets for these client groups. We have intimate knowledge of the requirements of institutional clients and the challenges that they face. We offer a full range of asset management products both as mutual funds (UCITS) and discretionary mandates as well as advisory services in specific asset classes and portfolio construction.

    We have a long track record in creating technical frameworks and solutions that suits sophisticated client’s needs. Our expertise in risk management and state-of-the-art software applications in combination with tailored in-house software solutions help us meeting highly specialized reporting and information requirements from this client group.

    Private Clients

    All private clients may set up an account directly with Themis Fund Management. By joining with us, clients will have a complete overview of their portfolio with in-depth fund comments and portfolio analysis.

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