Residential Property

    The purchasing, selling or renting of residential property is often a very significant transaction for those involved. The lack of familiarity with local customs, language or the local legal system may make the purchase of residential property overwhelming. Themis assists families who want to buy, sell, rent or lease residential property through a vast array of ancillary services.

    Buying Property

    Our Property team provides a holistic service to its clients who are seeking to purchase a property. We assist them with the drafting, review and negotiation of preliminary agreements proposed by the sellers. The Preliminary Agreement is typically valid for three months, during which our professionals carry out any necessary legal searches and trace the seller’s title to the property to ensure that the property rightfully belongs to the seller, and that there are no liabilities attached to it. We instruct an architect to carry out all necessary checks, and we eventually draft a contract of sale, ensuring all the legal safeguards are in place.

    Alternatively, clients may opt to purchase their property via companies and trusts. Our Property team work hand in hand with legal professionals in other practice groups in order to make such transactions as seamless as possible.

    Selling Property

    Guidance from legal experts is generally recommended when selling one’s property in order to ensure that the rights of both parties are being respected. Themis offers a one-stop-shop service to sellers. We introduce the seller to estate agents and architects in order to ensure that the property is put on the market at a good value. Moreover, we carry out all the negotiating on the client’s behalf and draft the deed for the sale of the property, according to the wishes of the seller.

    Additionally, we counsel clients on the best tax regime which would benefit the seller. Years of experience have also placed us in a position to provide ancillary services to the sale of property, such as ensuring that the property is built in compliance with local legislation.

    Renting and Leasing

    Renting property is generally a very straightforward procedure. Once the lessor and the lessee agree on all aspects of the rental agreement, this may be signed within a few days.

    Our firm also assists prospective lessees to identify the best type of their lease for their needs, including the lease term, rent payment and rent renewals, and help both lessors and lessees to convene with real estate agents, negotiate on their behalf to obtain the best terms possible, and help clients to procure any permits needed. Our professionals are highly experienced in drafting agreements for the lease of residential properties, as well as retail outlets, offices, hotels, catering establishments, factories, warehouses or other commercial units.

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